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Sia Archi Awards provides a timeline of their growth and their dedication to sustainable real estate practices and introduces their experienced agents.
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More and more people are turning to real estate agencies when putting their apartments up for sale, given that they usually offer complete services and take care of practically everything. And not only that. Its function is to find the best tenant, something that we may need to learn or be able to do on our own due to lack of time or knowledge. 

Services Of A Real Estate Agency

Due to the greedy competition that has arisen with the increase in digitalization and globalization, it is common that several companies are looking for new ways to continue developing. For this reason, the real estate sector does not have to be left behind. Consequently, they have managed to implement more services within their real estate agency for the satisfaction of their clients. A real estate advisor is a professional who provides services in the mediation, advice and management of real estate transactions. Consequently, his main function will be to be aware of and accompany his client throughout the process of buying or selling the property.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies know the market prices well, so they will establish the most

appropriate one to rent our property.


Publish The Housing Advertisement

Manage The Documents Necessary To Rent The Home.

Managing all the necessary documentation for renting the apartment is another of the tasks that the real estate agency is in charge of. It is also one of those that require the greatest effort, both because of the work involved in processing it and because most owners need to learn how to do it. 

Responds To Call

Answer Calls And Make Home Visits With Potential Tenants

The agency will begin to receive calls from those potentially interested in renting our home 

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Legal Advice

Another essential service offered by real estate agencies is legal advice so that the operation is carried out with the greatest possible transparency.

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Property Evaluation

Valuations take into account several factors, such as location, size of the property, age and condition of the property, and recent sales of comparable properties in the area.

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Choose Agency

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Best Real Estate Agency

Choosing the best real estate agency depends on the needs and expectations of the clients. Here are some things to consider when choosing a real estate agency.

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Experience is one of the most important things to consider when choosing real estate agency services. Real estate agencies with years of experience have a better understanding of the real estate market and can provide better services to their clients.



Reputation is also a thing to consider. Real estate agencies with a good reputation are more likely to provide quality service to their clients. You can search for information online and read reviews and references from previous clients to help evaluate the reputation of a real estate agency.

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Geographic Area

Real estate agencies that are dedicated to the geographical area where you want to buy or sell the property are the most suitable. This is important because estate agencies with detailed knowledge of the area can provide better guidance and advice to their clients.


Pre-Contractual Information

Before hiring the services of a real estate agency, these aspects must be recorded in a document.


The lessor will bear the property management expenses and those for formalizing the contract.


Payment for these services is usually made by achieving objectives.

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From locating suitable properties to negotiating prices and terms, real estate agencies help ensure a smooth and hassle-free real estate transaction. 

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