We offer services such as property sales, property management, investment consultation, and market analysis to assist clients in their real estate needs.

Study of Project

Creation And Feasibility Of The Project

The creation is its conceptualization, the legal and financial structuring of the project is established, a specific need is identified, the business opportunity, and the trend of demographic growth in the area, among other variables.

Contracts And Project Confidentiality Guarantees

Every day there is more competition between developers, architects and real estate agencies, we have more than 10 years of experience taking on this type of responsibility without seeing the magnitude of the projects, that is why they always ask us and make us sign confidentiality contracts, so that Each company can have greater privacy of the projects, we are in charge of providing them with the greatest security of these projects and that our office complies with everything stipulated in the contract.


This skill will help you know what is the best use for a plot or how to reorient a building



If the real estate agency we want to hire asks us for exclusivity, we must ensure that its duration is reasonable. In this sense, it is recommended that it ranges .

We must keep in mind that, if we sign anbetween three and six monthsexclusivity contract, we cannot sell or rent the apartment with any other real estate agency. Additionally, if we decide to sell or rent it on our own, they may charge us fees.

Project Management


Real Estate Value


If you want to sell a home, one of the issues you should pay attention to is appraising its value. Before letting the real estate agency set the sales price, you can carry out free online appraisals of your home, as well as compare it with the prices of homes similar to yours that are for sale on real estate portals.

Legal Advice


Professionals Work In A Real Estate Agency

Talk To Clients To Find Out Their Needs

Employees of real estate companies are in charge of renting out housing. They have areas of expertise including customer counselling, processing housing applications, and repairs.

Best Services


Services That Your Real Estate Offer

The main services that your real estate agency should offer to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients and the success of your business.


Guarantees And Insurance

To secure their clients’ real estate assets and provide more peace of mind while purchasing, selling, or renting a property, real estate firms can work with insurance companies to offer home insurance, rental insurance, and guarantees.


Real Estate Marketing

For available properties to be promoted and to draw in new clients, real estate marketing is crucial. A real estate agency must provide marketing services such as developing eye-catching advertisements, advertising in various media and platforms (such as social networks, real estate portals, and print media), and organizing events like open houses or real estate fairs.


Monetary Services

For many clients, the process of purchasing or renting a property entails financial considerations that might be challenging. A real estate agency must provide financial services such as mortgage research and negotiation, interest-party financial solvency assessment, and credit and real estate financing guidance.

Importance Of Having A Lawyer Specialized In The Real Estate Sector.

The real estate market is complex and full of legal challenges that can significantly affect buyers, sellers and investors. In this article, I want to highlight the importance of having a lawyer specialized in the real estate sector and how his experience can make a difference in the success of a transaction. A lawyer specialized in the real estate sector can provide legal advice tailored to your specific needs.


Property Maintenance

Property maintenance and cleanliness, managing reservations and vacation rentals, and attending to guest needs during their stay.
Risk Mitigation

Risk Identification And Mitigation

From thoroughly reviewing contracts and clauses to vetting background information and performing due diligence, an attorney will be at your side to ensure you are making informed decisions and avoiding future problems.

Service Details

Legal, Juridical And Fiscal Framework Of Real Estate Operations

Real Estate Lawyers Do

Real estate lawyers are key professionals in guaranteeing property rights. They are also known as real estate lawyers and work to help and advise on problems relating to residential and commercial property, tenants and neighbourhoods, commerce and private property.

Its objective is to propose the best solution to the client’s situation, something that, as experts on the subject and with professional skills, will be able to resolve any matter through legal means. Its functions include

Architectural Design Project

Acquisition, Design And Execution

The acquisition or purchase of the property is one of the most important or transcendental stages for the real estate developer.

Real Estate Asset Management Features

More Flexible Work Strategies

flexible hours have become a fundamental requirement to guarantee the well-being of an organization’s workers. To adapt to this reality, many organizations have opted for more flexible working strategies, an infrastructure that real estate asset management helps support.

Need For Data-Driven Decisions

data is an important piece in decision-making and, certainly, the trend leads us to it becoming increasingly large and complex. Thanks to real estate asset management, organizations can manage all this information and get the most out of it.

Collaboration And Transparency

Collaboration and transparency emerge as points of attention. Real estate asset management offers tools and features that improve communication between different departments and allow them to work effectively to ensure long-term success.

As workplaces evolve, it is important to have the right technology to manage and control them. Many organizations have incorporated real estate asset management as a basic tool. 

Best Offer

Greater Efficiency

Automated processes help optimize operations, while accessible information saves costly and routine workflows.