Honourable Mention

Marina One has an intimate relationship with its urban surroundings. It connects with different modes of public transport via different walkways and they facilitate visitors to access the public spaces around the central Green Heart.

The botanical and aquatic landscapes moderate the enclosed conditions; thereby, promoting hubs of activities within. Marina One’s strategy of a central wall of air in this delineated space creates another view and buffers an adequate distance between the office tower and apartment blocks.

The beauty of the complex is the juxtaposition of the organic Green Heart against the external rectilinear edge of the building blocks. The sculptural sun-breakers give a cavernous quality and contribute to the iconic inward looking courtyard view.

In addition, half of the lift cores are atypically located at the corner of the tower blocks and expressed at vertically movers. The truncated square plan and location of lift cores allow ample daylight to illumine deep into the office floor plate; reducing the need for artificial lighting.