Building of the Year & Design Award

The judges are deeply impressed by the aesthetic purity of Amanemu and the creation of a strong sense of place in this refined architecture.

The jury panel applauds the careful choice of the dark coloured material on the exterior of the architecture and the skilful use of light, lines and colours, which herald a new modern vernacular in the context of its monochromatic environment. Complementing the golden hues of the interiors and the seasonal landscape of colours, the architectural details are understatedly elegant and cultured.

Details such as the half-hip, half-gable tiled roof and the sensuous ceilings, also demonstrate the strong design hand of an innovative architect who has refined his craft over time and is able to simultaneously bring both tradition and signature newness into an architecture in a foreign land.

The mastery of the architect, in perfectly designing Landscape, Architecture and Interior into one seamless whole, creates an enthralling holistic experience that is unmistakably timeless in its serenity.

For the uplifting purity of architecture and for the deliverance of a total design environment that has captured the spirit of the place and the soul of architecture, the jury panel unanimously awards Amanemu, a Design Award and Building of the Year 2017.

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