In Gardens by the Bay, the theme of the garden setting has been well-extended into the public restroom facilities. Careful selection of materials and suitable colour palette are evident in all restrooms. The use of hues, colours and floral themes differentiates the female and male restrooms while family rooms made use of a vibrant choice of finishes and visually stimulating art.

Graphic panels are also creatively used with selected photographs of plant species which are showcased within the Garden Domes. Restroom locations are sited strategically on site in relation with visitor routes. It is also commendable that considerable attention has been paid to ergonomic considerations in the designs of the layouts and selection of sanitary fittings.

Besides designing to handle large crowds, there are considerable thoughts in creating good ambience through well-conceived lighting scheme to enhance experience of the users. In addition, the selection of wall finishes and detailed ensures that cleanliness and maintenance of the spaces are simple and easily sustained.

This design exemplifies quality public bathroom and washroom design that are user friendly and inclusive for all members of the community.