Design Award

Category B6: Overseas Commercial Projects

Sited on a former golf course, the resort’s low laying blocks are master planned within strict and conceptual grids akin to an abstract artwork. The blocks are strategically located and stepped back to allow for sea views while preserving endemic costal fauna. The contrast between the rectilinear master plan and existing landscape creates an appealing juxtaposition. The architectural design is decidedly modern with intricate details. This project an understated well-design building that is quietly confident and exquisitely executed.


Kerry Hill Architects Pte Ltd


Desaru Peace Holdings Resorts Sdn Bhd

Civil and Structural Engineer

Wan Husin & Associates Sdn Bhd

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Wan Husin & Associates Sdn Bhd

Quantity Surveyor

Northcroft Lim Perunding Sdn Bhd

Lighting Consultant

CWL Lighting

Interior Designer

Kerry Hill Architects Pte Ltd


Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad / DDS /