The idea of ‘bridges’, located at intermediate levels as communal spaces, is refreshing as the architect’s solution to density and in his exploration of its possibilities.

The conversion of a conservation warehouse into a hotel is, by nature, a difficult project, which the architects were able to address commendably.

The judges were impressed with the refined articulation of the naturally ventilated interior facade, resulting in an intimate scale and tactile warmth.

The judges applaud the project for transforming a utilitarian underpass, into architecture of significance that is fun and joyful.

The judges are deeply impressed by the aesthetic purity of Amanemu and the creation of a strong sense of place in this refined architecture.

The judges complimented the project for its clever solutions to the challenging conditions posed by the conserved building and the complex setting of the project.

The interactive approach to design, its inventiveness, use of interesting materials and its public engagement is praise-worthy.

Visual connections between different levels, engagement of users and the public, are calibrated with controlled material palettes and different lighting qualities.

For the achievement in pushing new ground and successfully demonstrating a new typology of architecture in Singapore, the jury panel unanimously agrees to award the Oasia Hotel, a Design Award and Building of the Year 2017.