The jury is captivated by the delightful emergence of this landmark building situated within an unexpected context of harsh industrial setting.

The narrow site and climatic challenge were more inspirational than a constraint for the team behind this impressionable piece of architecture.

The washroom at level 1 of the house was cleverly tucked into a corner of the dining room with a traditional ceramic vent on the external wall providing natural light and ventilation.

The effective use of kit of parts for pre-fabrication and fast installation allowed the office, with a compact footprint of 1000 sqft, to be designed and put together in just 6 weeks.

The Oliv showcases creative use of sky terraces to give the building a distinguishing outlook while overcoming technical regulations and practical requirements of exclusivity and privacy.

The jury commends the tremendous effort behind this architectural marriage of old and new as well as movement and effects in this institutional project.

The design of the Cater-Pee is an interesting concept for an outdoor toilet. Its organic form and colour is unique and appropriate for parks and open spaces.

The jury celebrates the Audi Centre as an appealing piece of contemporary architecture that seamlessly integrates offices, services and a showroom into one dynamic whole.

The appeal of Urban Suites stems from how the development has been sensibly planned in its dense urban context of the prime location at the fringe of the Orchard shopping belt.

The jury applauds to the unpretentious and powerful portrayal of rich architectural qualities of this semi-detached house, re-built for a multi-generation family who has stayed in the same street the past forty years.

The single storey structure housing the Male and Female wash rooms as well as a security counter boldly celebrates a much needed amenity for visitors to the sprawling gardens.

The appreciation of the interior qualities of the Chiltern House begins with how its ubiquitous massing of off-form concrete is suspended high above the ground floor to maximize light, cross ventilation and the presence of the landscape.

Christ Methodist Church is a refreshing piece of architecture aimed to challenge and reimagine conventional design and archetypes of a church.

The Singapore Sports Hub has been presented a design award for the architectural team’s commendable effort for completing a project of this scale and complexity, successfully developing a special typology with little local references or precedence.

Bidadari Estate Masterplan is an exciting housing development masterplan with the vision of creating a “Community in a Garden”, that will be supporting neighbourhoods and surrounding communities, with homes to 40,000 people.