In Gardens by the Bay, the theme of the garden setting has been well-extended into the public restroom facilities. This design exemplifies quality public bathroom and washroom design that are user friendly and inclusive for all members of the community.

In Carlton Hotel, the bathrooms are designed not as sole entities but they blend seamlessly with the entire volume within the hotel rooms and suites. The result is a refreshing bathroom design that conjures a sense of connectivity to the space and even the city.

The concept of the River Safari’s public washroom areas has been thoughtfully and purposefully conceived in close relation with the architectural theming, blending nature seamlessly into the interior, integrating the toilet spaces with the surrounding landscape and natural elements.

This innovative and imaginative project originated from the need to revolutionise grim portable toilets into delightful breathable pods. These flexible modules are easily assembled, by alternating two panel types – the bright and the opaque.

The bathroom in the attic of Chiltern House depicts how well design bathroom spaces can indeed bring simple pleasures in living. The design of the bathroom was conceived as a wellness retreat comprising a Master Bedroom Suite, study, bathroom and wardrobe.