This project is a clear design exploration of the grid – both in its faithful implementation as well as the design’s playful deviation from it. This organizing principle, which enabled efficiency and natural way finding, is carried through into its construction, finishes and details. Within this orthogonal design strategy, reference to vibrant architecture movements from the past is celebrated, most evidently seen in the whimsical touches at the communal open areas where informal discussions, dining and relaxation happens. Juxtaposition of unexpected nodes interspersed within the formality of the grid give the interiors a distinct and trendy vibe. One would certainly remember a visit to this co-working office.




The Work Project

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Bondlite Engineering Pte Ltd

Lighting Consultant


Landscape Consultant

Patrick Blanc

Main Contractor

Ngai Chin Pte Ltd


E.K. Yap

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