Sky Green is as a new high-rise residential typology in Taichung. It stands out from the existing urban fabric as the first sustainable mixed-use residential development in the heart of city. The high-rise greenery on various facades via creepers, sky gardens and balconies create a distinctive biophilic environment which sees a green plot ratio of 320%. It is also the pioneering development where floor area is dedicated to these communal interaction sky-decks, which terrace up the building. Addressing contextual challenges such as a sub-tropical climate as well as ensuring a safe design that withstands earthquakes and typhoons, the development has set new standards as an emblem of sustainable high-rise, high-density living. Sky Green has also become an exemplary prototype for high-rise, high-density green living in Taichung and was used as a project reference in the re-conceptualisation and revision of local city planning codes in 2019. This firm is successfully championing and exporting local high-rise green living ideology, quality of outcome and paving the way in establishing frameworks that enable performance documentation of an architectural project. The Jury commends the achievements by the Singapore architect exemplified in this project, for affecting positive change in the built environment locally and internationally.

Design Architect

WOHA Architects Pte. Ltd.


Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp

Project Architect

Archiman Architects Planners Associates

Civil and Structural Engineer

DAYAN Engineering Consultant CO.LTD

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Jin Ding Electrical Machinery Industry Technician’s Office

Landscape Consultant

Feng Chia University Architecture Research Design Centre

Lighting Consultant

LHLD Lighting Design LLC

Main Contractor

Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp


Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp

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