This interior project rethinks the approach of repurposing a HDB unit that was built in 1980s, as a home office. The re-design begins at the entrance foyer that opens out to the public corridor and encourages interaction with neighbours on the same floor. Inside, existing false ceilings were removed, exposing high double volume space where resting platforms are inserted and thereby providing opportunities for inter-sectional relationships from above looking down via a concealed window. Internal rooms and partitions are expressed as clean timber volumes cleverly containing different functions with a consistent, minimalist language. The result is well-designed interiors that are bright, airy and delightful. The architect has proven co-sharing, flexible use and future proofing of a small space can be designed for.


Studio Wills + Architects

Civil and Structural Engineer

CAGA Consultants Pte Ltd

Interior Contractor

Sin Hiap Chuan Wood Works


Khoo Guo Jie, Finbarr Fallon

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