Aman Kyoto was designed on existing clearings and platforms in a beautiful mature garden in the mountains outside of Kyoto, allowing these to determine the placement of buildings in landscape. In so doing, the architects have demonstrated, from beginning to end, a sensitivity towards nature and local culture. The architecture is visually simple, reduced to bare essentials so that nature and landscape takes center stage. An exercise of design restraint, materials and proportions of the pavilions make strong reference to Traditional Japanese Architecture while keeping its contemporary language. The project has taken 25 years from the discovery of the garden, to its completion in 2019. The Jury recognizes that Aman Kyoto is truly an exercise in design rigour, patience and dogged determination to achieve qualities of beauty, exactitude and craft and materiality in architecture.


Kerry Hill Architects

Project Architect

Toyo Architects & Engineers Office


Kyoto Resorts Co., Ltd

Civil and Structural Engineer

Toyo Architects & Engineers Office

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

PAC Kankyo-Mode Inc

Landscape Consultant

Design and Management Inc.

Lighting Consultant


Main Contractor

Shimizu Corporation


Nacasa & Partners
Luke Barthomelow Tan
Albert Lim K S

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