Best Project under S$2Million

The project brought together the enterprising spirit of the client, an arts organisation needing space for its activities, and the creativity of the architects, to produce an unlikely public playground in the city.

Starting with the idea to hold temporary exhibitions in shipping containers, the owners and the architects managed to secure the site on Princep Street on a short lease of two years.

The architects designed the containers in an open and dynamic configuration to suit the various activities of the arts group. The containers were altered off-site and assembled on site in a matter of four weeks. The architects also saw the opportunity to use the through-block site to create a connection between two arts institutions.

The jury felt that the spaces were delightful and the architects composed the containers to make a strong form. They applauded the spirit behind the project, in the context of a highly regulated built environment, and felt that the greatest value of the project was that it showcased the potential and possibilities of a ground-up approach in activating urban spaces in our city. It is hoped that we will see more of such projects in the future.

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