Design Award

The jury is captivated by the delightful emergence of this landmark building situated within an unexpected context of harsh industrial setting.

The massing draws inspiration from its inherent trade of wood work, expressed in a dynamic assemblage of elevated boxes, housing various programmes such as workshop, offices, accommodations and showroom.

Intuitive usage of deep recesses allow light to illuminate further into the building and create notable points of ingress and egress.

Depicted primarily in subtle shades of the yellow, as a tribute to the company’s corporate colour, the language of aluminium louvres that encapsulates these boxes goes beyond outlook and effect.

The louvred facades not only introduce natural daylight and ventilation for the spaces, they are articulated differently, either by orientation or with punctuations of voids and fenestrations to respond meaningfully to the nature of its internal functions and facilities.

Inwardly, each space is carefully crafted to the specifications and needs of users occupying the space where efficient flow of workers is heavily emphasised by the deliberate separation of operations by boxes and contiguous spaces that increase efficiency in production.

The panel will also like to specially commend the client’s distinguished taste to allow the architect to push and develop a unique architectural product like this that departs from most buildings of similar typology and use.

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