Design Award

The Singapore Sports Hub has been presented a design award for the architectural team’s commendable effort for completing a project of this scale and complexity, successfully developing a special typology with little local references or precedence.

Sports Hub provides a unique ecosystem of sports, leisure and entertainment spaces, bridging Singapore’s expanding urban landscape, as well as the wider public community.

The project offers a new model for adaptability and social integration, where it functions both as a premier sports destination, and inclusive public realm that encourages community participation throughout the year.

The Sports Hub precinct master plan fully capitalizes the site’s strategic location, to create a new landmark destination well connected to various major vehicular, pedestrian, cycling, infrastructural and green network, accessible to and fro the wider city centre context as well as surrounding residential areas.

At an urban scale, the Sports Hub through its characteristic urban form, produces a new urban skyline along the Kallang Basin. Epitomising the key essence of the architectural ideologies, the new National Stadium demonstrates the full integration, where architecture, engineering and environmental design meet to support a wide range of flexibility and sports and leisure events throughout the year, with its movable roofs and retractable seats and comfort cooling.

The interesting dialectic of the other key element of podium building that surrounds the National Stadium, encompasses the rest of the facilities and creates varied architectural subtleties and richer humanised scale. In addition, the precinct also generates a host of refreshing public spaces such as the Sports promenade, the OCBC Square that functions as effective holding areas during event days, and on non-event days, inspire participation from the community 24/7.

Beyond providing quality public waterfront and landscaped environments and maximising greenery, various passive cooling measures, innovative engineering and highly sustainable solutions have also been integrated into the design, to ensure minimal use of natural resources, reflecting ethos of Sports Hub to be a truly sustainable development, economically, socially, and environmentally.