Design Award

The effective use of kit of parts for pre-fabrication and fast installation allowed the office, with a compact footprint of 1000 sqft, to be designed and put together in just 6 weeks.

The architect developed a series of lattice shelves, inspired by the structures of the kelong, abstracted into a rhythmic structure of vertical timber rods and horizontal plywood planks.

These slide in and out within the lattice, ingeniously creating spaces of different widths and heights for books and objects of different sizes, functions as screen to the studio beyond, and most significantly gives the office a unique character.

Creative and flexible use of spaces within the small footprint, for social and creative events, as well as the thoughtfully designed atmospheric lighting adds warmth and interest into this highly socialised workspace.

The jury commends this innovative approach by the architect to express a study of systems and recombining standard components to form a complex and versatile office whole.

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