Building of the Year

The Oliv showcases creative use of sky terraces to give the building a distinguishing outlook while overcoming technical regulations and practical requirements of exclusivity and privacy.

Architecturally, from the exterior, the tapering sky terraces provides the privacy of respective units through cover of nature and lush landscaping. Environmentally, shade and shelter of the double volume interior is provided by the sky terraces that function as effective projected canopies.

Extensive vertical greening are thoughtfully integrated to give a softer appearance and function as a thermal insulator, providing passive cooling to the building. Spatially, the backdrop of lush greenery also greets one dramatically in relation to the vast open space, connecting one with nature.

In materiality, the sky terraces feature characteristic styling of textured off-form concrete, timber strips and perforated aluminium screens further evoking a sense of rich tectonics. Overall, the jury commends the architect’s control of the project that exudes boldness in expressions, yet finesse in detailing, to create a unique interaction for the residents with nature.

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