Bidadari Estate Masterplan is an exciting housing development masterplan with the vision of creating a “Community in a Garden”, that will be supporting neighbourhoods and surrounding communities, with homes to 40,000 people.

The conceptualisation of the Bidadari Estate signifies the confluence of key park-scapes and connectors in regional scale, complemented by an extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths, exploring communal relationships with the natural environment, including a unique combination of activities, diversity, architecture and open spaces.

Part of the masterplan’s appeal lies in the five distinct proposed neighbourhood, each reinforcing the sense of a continuous park with generously landscaped frontages, where parking and servicing will be seamlessly integrated into perimeter blocks or discreetly tucked under landscaped terrains.

The park’s rolling topography and wooded landscapes will also be preserved and enhanced, with the integration of lakes, rain and memory gardens, play grounds, numerous leisure, recreational and community facilities, to ensure that the park meaningfully resonates with broad and diverse communities for generations to come.

The jury applauds to the of this grand masterplan vision, with a refreshingly integrated and inspired approach to urban, architectural and landscape design supported by strategic infrastructure.