The concept of the River Safari’s public washroom areas has been thoughtfully and purposefully conceived in close relation with the architectural theming, blending nature seamlessly into the interior, integrating the toilet spaces with the surrounding landscape and natural elements.

Having four different zones in the River Safari, each restroom has their own distinctive design approach, all which addressed the concept of an open and harmonious relation to its individual surroundings. All restrooms show an excellent blend of skylight and garden.

The open concept encourages cross ventilation and spatial quality is enhanced by integration of, landscape and natural elements. The layouts are not only carefully organised to serve large numbers of people, they are planned with constant framing of nature and garden spaces. Coherent use of finishes, texture, colours and materiality also adds to the richness of the users’ experience and sense of comfort. In all, the jury applauds to this great effort in designing a truly beautiful, friendly and enjoyable bathroom space.