This innovative and imaginative project originated from the need to revolutionise grim portable toilets into delightful breathable pods. These flexible modules are easily assembled, by alternating two panel types – the bright and the opaque.

The multi-sided hexagonal form embodies the idea of a portable toilet with detachable panels that is readily configured for the different events it could be rented for.  Modular pieces can be easily installed and stored. Tasteful streamlined interiors are created by concealing utilities such as storage tanks between the cavities of opaque panels. The bright panels emanate a faint glow on the exterior when sunlight is reflected, as well as internally, due to the materiality of biodegradable expanded polypropylene.

Sustainability considerations and reusing of resources such as rainwater harvesting and the usage of solar panels have been integrated. The rainwater harvested is used for hand washing and flushing, while solar energy gained powers the flushing action of the water and the light in the unit at night. The generation of biogas are also used in fuel cells to generate electricity or directly for cooking or heating.

All in all, the design of Hexa-Loo is bold and creative proposal for the new generation of portable toilets. For its easy production and transportation process, it will be a feasible and sustainable option for any types of outdoor events.


2013, BDA 2013