2.3 Submission Requirement

All submission materials shall be in English. All submissions are to be completed online via the awards website (http://www.siaarchiawards.sg/gaa2016).

Each submission must comprise:

2.3.1 Nominator’s Citation

The submission must be accompanied by a citation (min 150 words and max 500 words) from the nominator. Where possible, the citation should make reference to the SIA Position Paper – ‘Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment’, or how the works embrace the Attributes. The position paper is available for download HERE).

2.3.2 Write up, Portfolio, Photographs of Nominee

  • A detailed portfolio, to include the nominee’s philosophy and achievements (in terms of environment sustainability), e.g. related awards / prizes, publications and major contribution to sustainable architecture.
  • A 20-slide (max) powerpoint (in .ppt or .pptx format) highlighting the best of a minimum of 3 projects (images in high resolution, jpeg format of at least 150 dpi); and
  • 2 photographs of the nominee (in jpeg format of at least 150 dpi).

2.3.3 Recognition of Joint Authorship and / or Associate Designer

Where a project in the portfolio is carried out in association with another firm, due recognition must be accorded to the other firm, regardless of professional discipline. However, the nominee must be the principal / main architect (or designer) of the project. The nominee shall be solely responsible to ensure consent from the parties involved (e.g. co-authors/ partners) shall be obtained before making the submission.

2.3.4 Accuracy of Submitted Information

Ensure that all information and spelling is correct in the forms as the information may appear in publications and on the plaque. Any errors on the part of the applicant will be corrected at the applicant’s expense. The onus of submitting the most updated and complete information pertaining to the submission (e.g. project information and consultant details) lies with the applicant. Any missed information may result in disqualification.

SIA accepts no responsibility for publication of incorrect spelling or inaccurate information supplied with the nomination.

2.3.5 Duties & Obligation of Entrants

Participation in the SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award implies the unconditional acceptance of the contents of the Award Terms and Conditions.

Each nominee has a duty to ensure that the submission materials are authorised, and there shall be no copyrights or ownership issues with any other party/-ies related to the project/s submitted and the materials contained therein.

All nominators and nominees are not permitted to publish the result prior to the notification of the Jury’s final decision. The Institute reserves the right to disqualify any nomination which is subject to unauthorised disclosure prior to the official announcements.

All announced winners for the award may be required to participate in media interviews, public exhibitions and show case sessions to present the ideas encapsulated within his/her works. Failure to participate in these events may be grounds for disqualification.