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G-Architect Award Submission Form


The SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award is an honour that is bestowed upon an Architect for his/her contribution to sustainable architecture.

For this award, a G-Architect is defined as an individual who has a portfolio of sustainable architectural works, including as-built projects and theoretical research studies. He/she demonstrates a passion towards creating and advocating the theory and design practice of sustainable architecture.

The award winner shall demonstrate in his/her projects, the celebration of passive design in response to environmental performance, and the successful integration of active design strategies and new technologies.

Participation (by Nomination only)

2.1 Nomination

Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and Uniseal invite nomination for the inaugural ‘SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award’.

All nominees must fulfil the mentioned nominee eligibility and be supported by one (1) architect (i.e. nominator). ARCASIA Member Institutes may take on the role of a nominator.

2.2 Nominee Eligibility

  • The nominee must be a citizen or permanent resident in Asia; or
  • The nominee practices in an Asian office for a substantial part of his/her career.
  • The nominee has completed substantial number of buildings in Asia.

Please see Section 2.3 for full details on the submission requirements.

Please see Section 2.4 for full details on Programme.


The prize comprise

  • Cash prize of SGD10,000; and
  • A specially designed plaque.

The results of this award will be published in the ‘Singapore Architect (SA) Magazine’. The laureate will be invited to give a presentation at a convenient forum.

Intellectual Property Rights

SIA shall have the right to publish, display, reproduce or otherwise publicise or communicate all submissions submitted, subject to appropriate citation and acknowledgement of the authors. Such right shall be exercisable by SIA without any payment, charge or fee whatsoever to any person.

SIA reserves the right to retain all submissions for the Award for display after the winner has been announced.


Any architect wishing to obtain further information on the write up or terms and conditions may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at green@sia.org.sg. Such email shall clearly state “SIAUGAA 2016” as the subject heading. Deadline for submission of questions is 8 June 2016.


Professor Richard Ho
Chairperson of SIA Design Thrust and SIA Council Member.
Mr James Lim
Chief Executive Officer of Uniseal Pte Ltd.
Mr Chia Ngiang Hong
President of Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).
Mr Leung Man Kit
Director of Sustainable Design, Ronald Lu & Partners (HK).